The Lies Of A Luxury Treadmill

From a fitness perspective July has sucked for me.  Though I have tried to work out and stick to my training plan my health just wasn’t co-operating.  First I got a chest cold and took 12 days off, then I had another issue, and took another 5 days off.  Every day I take off the mind monkeys run amuck, it’s not good for me when that doubt creeps back in.   I had been going to the YMCA because I wanted access to a pool, however I wasn’t really using the pool enough to justify the extra money I was paying, so I decided to switch gyms.  I did that today.

planet fitness.jpg

Now a member of Planet Fitness, I hopped up on a treadmill for my long run, and quickly – very quickly – discovered that I had become really spoiled by the high end “luxury” treadmills at the YMCA.  After running for a bit on the Planet Fitness machine, it was obvious to me that the YMCA treadmills, with their superior shock absorption had not only been cushioning my ankle, but had also been giving me bounce-back in my step that had been propelling me forward and making my runs much easier.  If I were just running on the treadmill for fitness this wouldn’t have been a big deal, I would have continued to be super proud of those accomplishments.  However –  because I am actually training for a road race it is very bad news.

I had been struggling with pain and pace when walking outside with my daughter and with the Fleet Feet group.  Being able to compare the feeling of the two different treadmills everything makes a lot more sense and I now understand what has been going on.  Sadly, it’s also brought me to an understanding that my training plan to this point has not been adequate, nor sustainable at Planet Fitness.  I need to go back, rework my goals, start over from the beginning, and hope that my efforts will pay off in time for the race.

I’m taking today to wallow in the suck of all this.  I have a pizza and a bottle of white zin.  I’m going to sit down an come up with a brand new training plan that will get the job done.  Technically the Jeff Galloway plan for the Princess Half Marathon is only 18 weeks long, and I still have 30 weeks before the race. I can do this, I just need to get my head in the game.  If to do that I need to take a few steps backwards before going forwards again – so be it.


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