Feetures! Elite Max Cushion Socks

It’s hard for me to find good socks, I have giant feet.  While most girls can grab a comfortable pair in a zillion great colors to work out in at Target, I have not been so lucky.  I’m usually left with buying a classic cotton crew sock that’s too snug, doesn’t offer any support to my flat feet, and soaks up the sweat when I run.  All this made me pretty skeptical when my local Fleet Feet store texted me to wear some old socks because we were having a free sock swap before our NoBo class.


On this night a representative from Feetures! Socks was joining our class to talk us out of our old cotton socks, and get us into something with a better fit, and better feel, so that we could have a better run.  Standing barefoot in the store, I handed over my old socks and was asked how much cushion I like.  Honestly, I didn’t really know, so I asked for whichever sock would give me the most support in my arch, and a comfortable run.  I was handed a pair of Elite Max Cushion No Shows and told to test them out.


As I opened the package I  noticed that the Feetures! Elite socks have a left and a right. This allows for each sock to be anatomically constructed for the specific foot that it goes on to provide an enhanced fit.  With special “Sock-Lock technology” this provides targeted support right where it is needed most.   For a flat footed runner, this makes a huge difference.  The Max Cushion socks were created for runners who prefer a technically advanced sock with extra cushioning, so this helped me even more since my ankle is full of plates and pins.  The extra cushioning with the advance support makes for a much more comfortable stride.

While the pair that I took was black, I was really excited to see so many bright and fun colors that also came in my size.  It wouldn’t be hard to pick a pair of these socks to match any of my running clothes.


I slipped on my new socks and could immediately feel the targeted support.  While I often KT tape my arches before I go for a run, this sock seemed offer both superior support, and comfort to my previous taping.  After my first run I was pretty happy with my Feetures! Elite, but before sharing my opinion I thought I would give them a few more runs.  I’m happy to say that with every wear I’m more and more in love with my new socks.   Feetures! also makes aPlantar Fasciitis Relief Sock that I plan on trying out for a little relief when that acts up for me.

I will absolutely be adding a few more pairs of Feetures! to my gear bag in the future. 


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