Faster, If Not Farther

I had a 5 mile run today. It was supposed to be 6, and I was really disappointed in myself for not being able to stick out just one more mile.


I was wiped out, dizzy, in pain and still needed to drive home.  I stepped off the treadmill to use the bathroom and I knew that that was all I had.  6 miles was not going to happen. I headed home, mentally chastising myself the entire way.  It was just one more mile.

After a nap I put the data into my runkeeper, still disappointed I hadn’t made it 6 miles. For some reason – likely a desperate need to feel less disappointed.  My last 5 miler had been June 3rd, and I remember feeling pretty dern good about it.   As I compared my stats I realized that I dropped 15 minutes off my 5 mile time.

I’m not quite as disappointed anymore.  I need to recalculate my training plan to get back to the mileage that “should be” at.  It might take a couple of extra weeks, but I know I’ll be disappointed until I am back on track.  I don’t like the thought of making up ground vs. moving forward.  I want the pace AND the mileage… I want it all.


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