Weeks 16-19 Wrap-up

It’s been awhile since I posted, I know, bad blogger.  That cold I got really kicked my butt.  I was out of training for about two weeks, and it was difficult to make myself understand that I couldn’t just pick up where I left off.  This lead to some mental struggles with getting back into the hang of things.  However I finally feel like I’m not only back on track, but possible even ahead of the game.


Here are a few highlights from weeks 16-19!

  1. Weeks 16 & 17 were a wash.  I decided to take the high road an give myself the time to be sick.  I stayed in bed, drank tea, and recouped.   My cold was cleared up by about Day 13.  I think that the massage I had in the middle of not trained went a long way in keeping me loose.
  2. We have a new Fleet Feet store in town, and when I was feeling better I stopped in to check it out.  The folks were super nice, and invited me back to go for a run that very night!  I explained that I’m mostly a walker and they said  that I should go anyway.  So I went out with their No Boundaries 5K group and had a fantastic time!  Even though I’m at snail pace there is always a mentor willing to stick with me. The bonus – I’m keeping faster paces whenever when I go out with them!  I can only make it to group once a week, but I am loving it.
  3. I started using the Lolo Jeff Galloway 5K App on my iPhone and I really like it.  Not only does Jeff have a really pleasant voice to listen to in your ear, but the way it changes the speed of your favorite music to help you keep pace is pretty dynamite.  Yesterday I did more intervals in a row than I have ever done at once before.  I managed to run/walk/run for an entire mile and a half, and that was after I had already walked for two miles.  I’m pretty thrilled with that progress.
  4. Oh!! Speaking of progress, my pace is dropping like mad!  My goal pace for July was to be consistently under 19:00.  4 of my last 5 runs have been faster than that 19:00 pace, and one of them was even at 16:27 (an all time PR).  CRAZY PROUD of that!
  5. Finally – I canceled my YMCA membership today.  The once a month I’m going to the pool, and fancier treadmill is not worth the extra $25 I’m paying a month.  So – I plan on getting a Planet Fitness Membership before the end of the month.





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