July Goals

I’m still sick, and haven’t been to the gym for a week.  I feel like I turned the corner over night though and hope to be back to working out again by Saturday.   Fingers Crossed!  I’m going a little bit stir crazy.  So – how did I do on my June goals? Meh.

My June goals included:

  • Dropping to a consistent 21:00 pace.  I did drop my pace, which I am thrilled about, and hopefully after this week off I’ll still have that.
  • Logging 60 miles.  I only got in 53.8 miles.  If I hadn’t of gotten sick the last week I would of hit 60, so I guess that it sort of a win.
  • Increasing my run/walk intervals.  No progress on this, sadly.
  • Running more outside.   Also no progress on this, sadly.

I just turned 46 and I’m ready to rock this year!

For July I have a couple more big goals.

  • I want to cut another minute off of my pace.  I need to get down to a consistent 20:00 or less pace.
  • I want to log 65 miles, which should be easy on my current training plan.  I just need to get back to the gym.
  • I need to be doing short runs outside.  I downloaded the Lolo Jeff Galloway 5K app.  I’m hoping that having Jeff’s calm voice in my ear telling me when to run and when to walk will help me get into the grove of running.  If I can get this right I can drop my pace without a problem.
  • Yoga class!  I want to start going to yoga on Fridays.  I’ve been saying that for 4 months, I need to figure it out.

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