The Lies Of A Luxury Treadmill

From a fitness perspective July has sucked for me.  Though I have tried to work out and stick to my training plan my health just wasn’t co-operating.  First I got a chest cold and took 12 days off, then I had another issue, and took another 5 days off.  Every day I take off the mind monkeys run amuck, it’s not good for me when that doubt creeps back in.   I had been going to the YMCA because I wanted access to a pool, however I wasn’t really using the pool enough to justify the extra money I was paying, so I decided to switch gyms.  I did that today.

planet fitness.jpg

Now a member of Planet Fitness, I hopped up on a treadmill for my long run, and quickly – very quickly – discovered that I had become really spoiled by the high end “luxury” treadmills at the YMCA.  After running for a bit on the Planet Fitness machine, it was obvious to me that the YMCA treadmills, with their superior shock absorption had not only been cushioning my ankle, but had also been giving me bounce-back in my step that had been propelling me forward and making my runs much easier.  If I were just running on the treadmill for fitness this wouldn’t have been a big deal, I would have continued to be super proud of those accomplishments.  However –  because I am actually training for a road race it is very bad news.

I had been struggling with pain and pace when walking outside with my daughter and with the Fleet Feet group.  Being able to compare the feeling of the two different treadmills everything makes a lot more sense and I now understand what has been going on.  Sadly, it’s also brought me to an understanding that my training plan to this point has not been adequate, nor sustainable at Planet Fitness.  I need to go back, rework my goals, start over from the beginning, and hope that my efforts will pay off in time for the race.

I’m taking today to wallow in the suck of all this.  I have a pizza and a bottle of white zin.  I’m going to sit down an come up with a brand new training plan that will get the job done.  Technically the Jeff Galloway plan for the Princess Half Marathon is only 18 weeks long, and I still have 30 weeks before the race. I can do this, I just need to get my head in the game.  If to do that I need to take a few steps backwards before going forwards again – so be it.

Feetures! Elite Max Cushion Socks

It’s hard for me to find good socks, I have giant feet.  While most girls can grab a comfortable pair in a zillion great colors to work out in at Target, I have not been so lucky.  I’m usually left with buying a classic cotton crew sock that’s too snug, doesn’t offer any support to my flat feet, and soaks up the sweat when I run.  All this made me pretty skeptical when my local Fleet Feet store texted me to wear some old socks because we were having a free sock swap before our NoBo class.


On this night a representative from Feetures! Socks was joining our class to talk us out of our old cotton socks, and get us into something with a better fit, and better feel, so that we could have a better run.  Standing barefoot in the store, I handed over my old socks and was asked how much cushion I like.  Honestly, I didn’t really know, so I asked for whichever sock would give me the most support in my arch, and a comfortable run.  I was handed a pair of Elite Max Cushion No Shows and told to test them out.


As I opened the package I  noticed that the Feetures! Elite socks have a left and a right. This allows for each sock to be anatomically constructed for the specific foot that it goes on to provide an enhanced fit.  With special “Sock-Lock technology” this provides targeted support right where it is needed most.   For a flat footed runner, this makes a huge difference.  The Max Cushion socks were created for runners who prefer a technically advanced sock with extra cushioning, so this helped me even more since my ankle is full of plates and pins.  The extra cushioning with the advance support makes for a much more comfortable stride.

While the pair that I took was black, I was really excited to see so many bright and fun colors that also came in my size.  It wouldn’t be hard to pick a pair of these socks to match any of my running clothes.


I slipped on my new socks and could immediately feel the targeted support.  While I often KT tape my arches before I go for a run, this sock seemed offer both superior support, and comfort to my previous taping.  After my first run I was pretty happy with my Feetures! Elite, but before sharing my opinion I thought I would give them a few more runs.  I’m happy to say that with every wear I’m more and more in love with my new socks.   Feetures! also makes aPlantar Fasciitis Relief Sock that I plan on trying out for a little relief when that acts up for me.

I will absolutely be adding a few more pairs of Feetures! to my gear bag in the future. 

Faster, If Not Farther

I had a 5 mile run today. It was supposed to be 6, and I was really disappointed in myself for not being able to stick out just one more mile.


I was wiped out, dizzy, in pain and still needed to drive home.  I stepped off the treadmill to use the bathroom and I knew that that was all I had.  6 miles was not going to happen. I headed home, mentally chastising myself the entire way.  It was just one more mile.

After a nap I put the data into my runkeeper, still disappointed I hadn’t made it 6 miles. For some reason – likely a desperate need to feel less disappointed.  My last 5 miler had been June 3rd, and I remember feeling pretty dern good about it.   As I compared my stats I realized that I dropped 15 minutes off my 5 mile time.

I’m not quite as disappointed anymore.  I need to recalculate my training plan to get back to the mileage that “should be” at.  It might take a couple of extra weeks, but I know I’ll be disappointed until I am back on track.  I don’t like the thought of making up ground vs. moving forward.  I want the pace AND the mileage… I want it all.

Weeks 16-19 Wrap-up

It’s been awhile since I posted, I know, bad blogger.  That cold I got really kicked my butt.  I was out of training for about two weeks, and it was difficult to make myself understand that I couldn’t just pick up where I left off.  This lead to some mental struggles with getting back into the hang of things.  However I finally feel like I’m not only back on track, but possible even ahead of the game.


Here are a few highlights from weeks 16-19!

  1. Weeks 16 & 17 were a wash.  I decided to take the high road an give myself the time to be sick.  I stayed in bed, drank tea, and recouped.   My cold was cleared up by about Day 13.  I think that the massage I had in the middle of not trained went a long way in keeping me loose.
  2. We have a new Fleet Feet store in town, and when I was feeling better I stopped in to check it out.  The folks were super nice, and invited me back to go for a run that very night!  I explained that I’m mostly a walker and they said  that I should go anyway.  So I went out with their No Boundaries 5K group and had a fantastic time!  Even though I’m at snail pace there is always a mentor willing to stick with me. The bonus – I’m keeping faster paces whenever when I go out with them!  I can only make it to group once a week, but I am loving it.
  3. I started using the Lolo Jeff Galloway 5K App on my iPhone and I really like it.  Not only does Jeff have a really pleasant voice to listen to in your ear, but the way it changes the speed of your favorite music to help you keep pace is pretty dynamite.  Yesterday I did more intervals in a row than I have ever done at once before.  I managed to run/walk/run for an entire mile and a half, and that was after I had already walked for two miles.  I’m pretty thrilled with that progress.
  4. Oh!! Speaking of progress, my pace is dropping like mad!  My goal pace for July was to be consistently under 19:00.  4 of my last 5 runs have been faster than that 19:00 pace, and one of them was even at 16:27 (an all time PR).  CRAZY PROUD of that!
  5. Finally – I canceled my YMCA membership today.  The once a month I’m going to the pool, and fancier treadmill is not worth the extra $25 I’m paying a month.  So – I plan on getting a Planet Fitness Membership before the end of the month.




July Goals

I’m still sick, and haven’t been to the gym for a week.  I feel like I turned the corner over night though and hope to be back to working out again by Saturday.   Fingers Crossed!  I’m going a little bit stir crazy.  So – how did I do on my June goals? Meh.

My June goals included:

  • Dropping to a consistent 21:00 pace.  I did drop my pace, which I am thrilled about, and hopefully after this week off I’ll still have that.
  • Logging 60 miles.  I only got in 53.8 miles.  If I hadn’t of gotten sick the last week I would of hit 60, so I guess that it sort of a win.
  • Increasing my run/walk intervals.  No progress on this, sadly.
  • Running more outside.   Also no progress on this, sadly.

I just turned 46 and I’m ready to rock this year!

For July I have a couple more big goals.

  • I want to cut another minute off of my pace.  I need to get down to a consistent 20:00 or less pace.
  • I want to log 65 miles, which should be easy on my current training plan.  I just need to get back to the gym.
  • I need to be doing short runs outside.  I downloaded the Lolo Jeff Galloway 5K app.  I’m hoping that having Jeff’s calm voice in my ear telling me when to run and when to walk will help me get into the grove of running.  If I can get this right I can drop my pace without a problem.
  • Yoga class!  I want to start going to yoga on Fridays.  I’ve been saying that for 4 months, I need to figure it out.