Aaaannnd… I’m sick.

As if I wasn’t struggling enough with this training week, and on repeat already, I’ve come down with a chest cold. The long run tomorrow, it AIN’T happenin’.



Princess Anna Gets It

If there is one thing I learned last year while I was broken and injured it’s that I have got to take it slow, be kind to my body, and not to push. I learned that I can say no, and that everything won’t fall apart if I’m not there. Sometimes, taking care of myself first really is the best thing to do.

That being said – I think I’ve crossed some sort of psychological barrier.  As annoyed as I am to have a summer chest cold and probably have to miss the 4th of July picnic on Sunday, I’m waaaay more upset I’m going to miss my long run tomorrow.  Never in my life have I been upset about having to miss something as difficult as my long runs. It’s been 4 months of Saturdays at the gym pounding it out on the treadmill, and yes, I am actually a little upset that I don’t get to go do it. This is absolutely some sort of strange runner milestone here.

What I don’t want to happen though is to set off a fibro flare, or have this cold turn into pneumonia.  I was hospitalized for that last year, and I can totally do without it this year. The only choice I have is to stay home, drink lots of tea, and get some rest.  


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