Rant: Lemme See Ya Sweaty

Someone pointed out to me the other day (based on workout pictures I share) that I don’t sweat.  Ummm…. hello!  I totally sweat!  That being said – I hate being sweaty – there are few things that annoy me as much as that bead of sweat that somehow is always falling off of my nose.  Ugh!

Is this sweaty enough?

How anyone could think that I don’t sweat (or  insinuate that I’m not working out hard enough because the pictures I post are not all sweaty) is just plain wrong.  What’s the deal then?  Why aren’t my pictures all sweaty?  why do I look the same both before and after a workout?

Seriously people – do I REALLY have to be talking about this?

  1. I don’t wear make-up when I workout, so there is none to slide off of my face.  Hence – same look both before and after my workout.  I have considered wearing make-up so that I would be more photogenic, but it slides right off of my face… because I sweat!
  2. I wear a Sweaty Band Headband – Sweaty Bands are WONDERFUL, and sop up more head sweat than you can imagine.  These headbands absolutely one of my favorite purchases since I started working out.  They have majorly cut down the amount of sweat rolling down my brow.  I currently have two sweaty bands, but my collection will absolutely be growing.
  3. I use a REI Co-op Multi Towel when I’m on the treadmill to wipe my face during, and just after a workout.  This generally means no glistening beads of sweat for post-run pictures.
  4. Have you ever really tried to take pictures with your phone, exhausted, and  in poor lighting, of sweat?  It takes some serious effort to get a good sweaty picture.

So in conclusion – YES! I sweat. I sweat a lot.  I don’t enjoy it, so I wipe it away.

Mystery solved. 



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