6 Mantras I Use While Running

Mind monsters can really get in the way of a good training day.  That’s why we all need to have some good techniques ready to chase them away and keep us running,

Mantras are a short phase of words or sounds repeated over and over that aid concentration.   Literally mantra means ‘a thought behind an action,’  making this meditation tool a superb way to refocus your mind and direct your body the way you want it to go.  Mantras can help battle all sorts of doubts that are apt to pop up during your training routines.

These are 6 of the mantras I use to keep myself moving forward.

1)  No Pain, No Puking, No Dying – This is a quote I heard Jeff Galloway say in a training video.  It probably resonates with me so much because there are many times when I’m training that I feel on the verge of all of these.  This mantra reminds me to slow down and take it easy for a bit when I need to.  It’s more important to slow down a little bit than to wind up in a heap at the side of the road.

2)  Relax your shoulders, arms move, legs move –  I tense up my shoulders and my body, but I know that it’s important to stay loose.  I have to remind myself frequently to relax my body and keep my arms pumping so my legs don’t stop.


3)  When your legs get tired, run with your heart  – I saw this on a sign in a YouTube video of a past Princess Half Marathon and loved it. It reminds me that it’s not all about body, but about my will to complete a goal.  There are many times I feel like my legs can’t move forward any more, but I’ve got lots of heart.

4)  Run the mile you’re in – Once a mile is done, it doesn’t matter what my pace was, and it doesn’t matter how far I have yet to go.  Looking at the big picture can really screw with my mind, but if I focus on one mile at a time I’m golden.


5)  Trust your plan – I’ve got a good training plan, it’s working so far and I can see my progress each and every week.  When I have moments that I’m never going to be able to complete a half marathon I remind myself that I have to trust my plan and stick to it.

6)  You’ve got this –  I do, really, I swear.


What are the things that you tell yourself when you’re out running? Leave them in the comments and inspire someone else. 


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