June 2017 Goals

I had to really talk myself into going  to work out today.  I just do not feel like it.  However, I’ve settled on a 2 mile stroll.  There won’t be too much cardio benefit, but I will get a couple miles in on the pavement, and pavement is something I have been struggling with.  A beautiful day deserve a nice stroll though, and I can ponder my training goals while I’m out there.

Speaking of my training goals – here is what is on my plate for June!

June Goals

  1. I want to drop my time to a 21:00 pace.  I’ve been striving to break a 20:00, and I’ve only done it once.  This month is going to be about consistent gains, so I’m looking for a regular 21:00 range time that I can carry forward to try and drop to 20:00 in July.
  2. My training plan has me logging just over 60 miles for June.  I want to hit every one of them for a 15 mile gain over May.
  3. I need to increase my run/walk intervals so that I am running longer during each interval.  I’m hoping for a consistent 0:30/1:30 ratio this month.  This moves me up from 15-20 second of running on every minute.  That should get me running for a longer duration, while giving my body time a little extra time to recover in between.
  4. I need to run outside too, not just on the treadmill.  I have a mental hurdle about running on the pavement at the moment.  I did it earlier this week, but I really need to keep it up.  I can’t do the Princess Half Marathon on the treadmill. I need to gain the mental strength to make  this happen.
  5. One more – I need to become more consistent in my stretching routine.  Honestly, as I’ve gotten more comfortable working out and the pain has lessened, I’ve gotten lazy about this.  I need to keep my muscles long and my legs flexible, I have a long way to go still with this and getting lazy is not going to help.

Thanks to From Dancing to Running for the idea to blog my monthly goals with a cute graphic.  I found her blog when searching for other people training for the Princess Half  I totally stole this from her, go read her blog.


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