Dear Stranger On The Running Path

Dear Stranger On The Running Path,

I was really struggling with my intervals today.  It was my first time even attempting to run outside, and it sucked.  I was so slow, and every step hurt.  I was only running from one light post to the next to time my intervals, but it was still a huge feat.  When I started bitching to my son about how much “This Sucks!” I was not expecting anyone to be paying attention.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t even really expect my son to be paying attention.

But you heard me, you heard me and made eye contact, you smiled.  “You’re doing great!” you said  “Keep it up!  It will get better.”  I smiled and said “Thank You” as you passed by, but what you didn’t catch is the tears welling up in my eyes at your kindness. And  what you didn’t catch was the boost that gave me to finish the rest of our route doing my intervals instead of giving up.

I had been at the point I was ready to give up, and you pushed me forward.  So thank you, random man jogging on the same path as me.  Thank you for offering support to a stranger, a beginner, just trying to make it from one lamp post to the next running.  It really meant the world.

With Gratitude,



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