5 Mile Long Run/Walk/Run

This is a total bragging post because I am crazy proud of myself today.  It was my long run/walk/run day today and I went to the gym more than a little intimidated by the 5 mile distance on my training plan.  For some reason this distance seemed like a huge milestone to me.  I felt like everything before 5 miles was a good accomplishment, but that this was a real test.  In my head, if I could do this 5 miler then a 10K was going to be no problem.


My plan was that it would take me about 2 hours to complete 5 miles based on the 2.5 mph times that my previous long runs have been.  I grabbed a bottle of water, some Watermelon Gu Chews, put on some 2017 Princess Half Marathon YouTube videos, and hopped on the treadmill.  My first hour seemed to fly by as I warmed up on the 2.7 mph setting.


By the time I started my second hour, I felt limber and able to bump up my pace even more.  Overall it was a really excellent workout.  I got my heart rate up, did my 5 miles, felt great doing it, and even finished 10 minutes sooner than I thought I would. 5 miler – check!  And I’m feeling strong and confident to move forward.


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