Week 10-ish Wrap-up

Week 10 turned out to be sort of rough, and my weekend long day never happened due to travel.  I should have run at the hotel’s gym, I just didn’t and it really messed with my head to tell you the truth.

Here’s a few highlights from week 10!

    1. I’ve stopped logging on DailyMile so I’m lacking their great charts and graphs, I had previously.  This is because I’ve switched over to the free version of RunKeeper.  The graphs there don’t quite do what I want them to, but as far as tracking goes it’s better.  I also keep a detailed spreadsheet of how each workout of mine has gone in my training plan spreadsheet.  You can see in the image from my training plan above, I’m currently in week 11 of my plan, and have another 40 weeks to go before my race.
    2. I’ve been very frustrated with the lack of real increase in my pace.  That 16 minute mile hangs over my head like a big dark cloud.  I had to go back to one of my first posts about how I would be measuring success during training.  There are 4 basic measures that I set up for myself – Faster, Farther, Longer, and Better.  I can honestly say that I am consistently going farther in distance, longer in duration, and better in recovery.  Every week I conquer the goals that I’ve set for myself in those three measures, I just wish that I would pick up some speed.
    3. I’ve added in a little running to my training routine using Jeff Galloway’s method.  I run/walk/run as best I can.  I can’t always go for very long, but I can see improvements in my endurance each time I try.  Adding in more running is very important to my training progress if I’m going to gain speed and meet my goals.  However, baby steps are what I’ve got going on so I remain at turtle pace.
    4. Since I added in running perhaps two weeks ago, I’ve been dealing with some serious foot pain.   Not when I’m out on the  trail or treadmill, but afterwords when I get home and am at rest.  The pain is across the strip of my foot where my metatarsals are, and they burn like fire.  It’s kept me up at night and there have even been a few days  that I resorted to narcotic pain killers to get it under control.  However – I think I may finally have it managed to a point I can live with.  I increased the frequency of one of my Fibromyalgia medications to my allotted 3 times a day.  I’ve been icing my feet after workouts, and at night I’m coating my feet in biofreeze.

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