10 Things I’ve Learned About Working Out

I’ve been in my training plan for about 2 months now and I feel like I have really come far.  I’m still very much a novice, and I don’t expect that to go away any time soon.  I walk a lot more than I run, and I’m turtle slow.  However – I’ve learned a few  important things along the way that I wanted to share. 

  1. Make a goal. Make a lot of goals actually. While running a half marathon is my main goal, there are milestones all along the way that help me get. I celebrate every one and moving through the progress of them helps keep me going.
  2. Half the fight to get it done is all in your head. Give yourself pep talks throughout your workout. Simply believing that you can will carry you a long way.
  3. Work out hard, but smart. When those voices start telling you to stop, what you really need to do is reassess. Scale back for a couple of minutes without stopping, slow down, and mentally scan your body. If you’re just tired stay at the slower pace until you can ramp back up. However – if you feel like you’re injured or so tired that your motions are sloppy and dangerous it may be time to stop for the day.
  4. Trust the plan. Set up a solid training plan to reach your goal, and stick to it. Don’t rush your increases, that can cause injury, trust the plan and you’ll get to your goal.
  5. Do something, anything. On days that you don’t feel great or you are hurting more than normal you don’t have to completely give up on your work out, simply scale back. Getting a shorter, lighter work out in keeps your healthy habits going.
  6. It always sucks until you’re warmed up – and you can’t rush it for any reason. Just keep moving forward and eventually the early work out aches with fade and everything will get easier. Finish strong.
  7. Find a buddy. You may be excited about your workouts, but your family’s eyes will glaze over if that aren’t into fitness too. Have a designated buddy that you can talk about your training plan to, and be accountable to for your workouts.
  8. Use all the resources you can to stay on track. Not only do I have a training plan, but I’m seeing a physical therapist, massage therapist, and frequently looking up sports articles regarding nutrition, and sports psychology online. There’s more to fitness than just getting to the gym, do your research and train smart.
  9. Fuel the machine. If you are going to be out there for more than an hour, no matter if you’re running or walking, your body is going to need a little more than just water to keep you feeling good. Find the endurance fuel that you like best and work it in to your regular training schedule, it’s not just for races.
  10. No one at the gym cares what you are doing. Just go in and do your thing with confidence, because that’s what everyone else is doing. No one cares what you’re wearing, or what size you are. No one cares if you pause the treadmill so you can stretch a little more or tie your shoes. Be confident, and act like you belong – because you do.

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