Massage Therapy

I went in for my first round of massage therapy on my calves this morning. Though I was really unsure about giving it a try (my fibromyalgia can make touch quite uncomfortable), I’m hoping to see positive results.  The therapist (Rachel) said that she was able to work out a couple of the knots and get a little more movement in my legs.  Even though the work done today was fairly painful, I had gone in with a positive attitude, and feel like I tolerated it well.

While I can’t really tell if it helped or not, it was pretty relaxing even through the pain.  My long workout day is tomorrow and I’m hoping that my legs will be a little looser.  I made an appointment for another session in about 3 weeks.

P.s.  About 3 hours after my massage I started feeling some malaise and a tad nauseous.  This can happen after deep tissue work, and I’m muddling through.  I took some naproxen, elevated my legs for the night, and drank another bottle of water.  Fingers crossed it won’t get worse overnight and I’m still on for my long run/walk.


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