Tuesdays Are Now My Pool Days

This week is my 7th week of training for the Princess Half Marathon, and I’m moving into a 5 day a week plan by adding in a bit of cross training.  That’s a little scary to think about, but take that all doubters, this fat girl is getting her mega butt to the gym five days a week.  And – I absolutely slay it in the water.  Tuesdays are now my pool days and it’s bliss.  On the schedule is a 60 minute or more cardio workout that will probably include both lap swimming and water walking/jogging, accompanied by a great deal of stretching my legs. It’s all about working on my endurance, getting some active recovery for my legs, and stretching out my shins and calves on a non-walk/run day.

I discovered that there is a 10:00am Water Walking Class at the Y that I enjoyed a lot yesterday.  I’m not sure that I will be able to make it to the gym by then every week, but I did this week.  It was a good workout, and I could feel it working my calves and shins.  We walked forwards, backwards, and sideways to some fun music, engaging all of the muscle groups in our legs.   We also did a little bit of arm work with some  foam barbells and a pool noodle.  When I got home I did a little bit of research to try and figure out what sort of calories it burns.  I’m having trouble figuring out exactly how to log the water walking into my apps but I think as long as I just consider it timed cardio activity it will be good enough.  I found a site called calorielab.com that helped me calculate what the workout would expend calorie wise. I don’t really care that much about the calories, but I like to have all the information I can.

The women in the class are friendly, though a little cliquish.  They did invite me to lunch with them, which was sweet.   I discovered that I need to get a new swimsuit though if I am going to keep doing this.  I wasn’t self conscious about the one that I was wearing but then someone said something because the back edge was kind of rolling down a little.  Then – I couldn’t stop tugging at it and thinking about it.  Every time I pulled it up, it rolled down again.  So – I came home and ordered a new swimsuit.  I went with a unitard design, and I’m hoping that it fits because it should take care of all my needs.

I’m pretty excited about this addition to my training plan.  Hopefully it will have benefits that I didn’t even imagine. 





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