April Physical Therapy Check-in

I went to see my physical therapist today, her name is Bernie and she’s just awesome.  We’ve used her for various injuries for several years now and I just adore her, she’s nice, and funny, and really doesn’t judge at all.  Anyhow – I’m off track.  I decided that if I was going to meet my training goal and actually be able to have a chance with this Half Marathon next year I needed to get in for a visit and some training tips.

My legs have been working fairly well, my ankle seems strong, however I just haven’t been able to shake this lingering tightness in my feet, calves, and shins.  I’ve been doing some shin split exercises at home but I wanted professional help so I had my doctor write me a prescription for some physical therapy.  Many people get a physical therapy allotment on their health insurance and never use it because they aren’t injured in a way that would warrant a trip to PT.   The thing is, people like me (out of shape couch potatoes) who have just started working out can really use a trip to the Physical Therapist to help identify the kinks in their training plans and come up with solutions to problem areas.  For me, a visit with Bernie a solid way to help me reach my goals and get the most out of my healthcare system.

Bernie was thrilled that I’m doing well since my accident last year and saw that I’m pretty strong, she helped me identify two problem points that have been keeping me from reaching my fullest potential when I’m out walking.  1) My feet are about as flat as they can possible get, and 2) I have no stretch in my calves.

Adding the Soleus Stretch to my routine.

It was also good that I got in with Bernie because as we discussed my training plan she warned me against making some small changes that I was going to start next week.  She advised that until I could get my calves to lengthen a bit I should stick to the treadmill for my long walks.  The treadmill will help to absorb some of the shock on the long days and not put too much strain on my legs.  She also didn’t want me to start adding in running yet, even a little.  She knows me so well, and how much I push myself, she saw it all when I was relearning how to walk.  Bernie gave me a gentle reminder  that becoming injured from pushing myself too much on the front end of this journey wouldn’t help me cross the finish line. 

I’ve got some new exercises and a new goal for stretching every day.  I’ve got a long way to go, my legs need to work correctly to get me there. 


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