Fighting Inertia With Walks Outside

No, I haven’t given up already.  I just hit a couple of training snags – I’m blaming Easter.  I took two days off from training over last weekend and, well, inertia.  I was a complete blob last Saturday and Sunday.  No training, no watching my diet, no blogging.  I wasn’t a complete blob, I actually worked 11 hours on Saturday, but my physical fitness simply wasn’t.   But Monday came and I got back to it!

Now that the weather is nicer my daughter Tori has become my Monday training buddy. We walk really well together, but she says that she is sure she does not want to run the Princess with me next year.

We’ve been walking outside on one of our favorite paths near a local living history museum. It’s about a mile and a half loop around a field that’s being replanted with prairie plants, and a small woods.  I like it because there are gentle hills that give me some elevation to work with.  I know that everyone claims Disney has a flat run, but between mile 4-5 alone there is a jaunt beneath a lake and back up the other side, and then about 30 foot slow rise up Main Street USA. The gentle elevations on this loop do a pretty fair job of getting me used to those light elevation changes.

I went walking outside without her today and I was very happy to make a 21:48 pace!  I’m getting closer to that 20:00 minute pace goal I wanted to start out at.  I think it will take me 2 months to finally get there.  That is super frustrating for me, but it is what it is.


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