Week 4 Wrap-up: Interactive Treadmills, First 5K, MyNetDiary

4 Weeks Down / 47 More To Go

I’m so excited because I’m way ahead in my training plan!  I’m feeling pretty good, and I’m still mega excited that I’ve started this journey.  I walked a 5K on Friday, major milestone for me.

Here are a few highlights of my week!

  1. Mondays suck.  I really don’t understand, every time a Monday comes around I head to the gym with the best of intentions and a positive attitude and then my body betrays me.  Mondays never seem to go the way I want to.  However, I refuse to give up and have been implementing my no pain policy and adjusting my work-outs so that I still get some benefit.
  2. I’ve been playing with the Lifescape Interactive Courses on the treadmill.  These courses are videos that play on the treadmill display and allow users to take high-definition hikes and runs through famous locations around the world. The integrated machine controls speed as the exerciser runs faster and the treadmill adjusts to match the incline in the varying terrain you see on the screen.  It’s pretty cool! On Friday I walked through some beautiful parks in New Zealand and really enjoyed it.   What I like best is the changing incline throughout the workout because it better simulates what you find out on the road.
  3. I downloaded the MyNetDiary app on my phone and started tracking my diet.  It’s something that my doctor wanted me to do when I started this a month ago, but I was being stubborn.  My best friend uses MyNetDiary so I figured since we’re supporting each other in this journey I would give it a go.  I think this will get it’s own post after I’ve used it a little longer.
  4. I really need to invest in some new workout clothes but right now my spare money needs to be saved for race registration on the 27th.  After that I’ll be able to buy a couple serious sports bras, I am killing my every day bras while working out.  I need some major support to control the bounce, and  wicking fabric would make me really happy.
  5. I was exhausted and had serious delayed muscle soreness on Saturday.  Today (Sunday) I’m going to need to be proactive on recovering my muscles.  Lots of stretching, naproxen, and bits of targeted time on the TENS Unit.
  6. I walked a 5K!  Yay me!




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