I Hate Stretching At The Gym

I’ve discovered that I have a weird quirk.  At least I think it’s probably weird, I’ve never heard anyone else talking about it, so if you feel this way too please leave a comment.  I don’t like stretching at the gym.  I can hop on the treadmill with confidence, and not give a second thought to my weight or how I look.  It’s just not the same when it comes to stretching.

I guess I feel that because I’m fat, if I get down on the ground to stretch people will judge me for being on the floor.  Like I’m just being lazy or something.  I’ve been stretching pre-workout at home heel drops, standing on my toes, lunges.  At home I can hold onto the wall and I don’t lose my balance.  That way no one will see it and laugh.  It annoys me that I feel this way, but it annoys me even more that my stretching is clumsy, unbalanced, and assisted – because I’m just not as young and nimble as I used to be.

After my walk/run I am pulling out a mat in the stretching area, lying down, and working out my hips and lower back.  I’ve got some basic yoga poses that the physical therapist wants me to do most involve lying on my back of curled in a bal.  The whole time I’m down there actively stretching I wonder about how pathetic the fat girl looks lying on the ground.  I always hope that no one thinks I’m having a heart attack or am down there because I’m about to pass out.

It’s weird, I’m sure of it, but there you have it.  I hate stretching at the gym.


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