Week 3 Wrap-up: New Shoes, Run Breaks, and 2.6 Miles

I feel like I had a fantastic training week and habits I’m creating right now are setting me up for success throughout this next year of work. Completing a Half Marathon still feels like a gigantic goal that I’m not sure about, but I keep moving forward and feeling good about it. If it was easy everyone would do it, right?

Here are a few highlights of my week!

  1. My no-pain strategy has me feeling great at the end of my sessions.  The no-pain strategy is really simple, if I’m in pain I slow down and modify my workout to something that doesn’t cause pain. I still complete exercise for the amount of time scheduled, no stopping, just changing up what I do.
  2. As part of no-pain I experimented with the Galloway method this week and it worked amazingly.  Since I’m mainly a walker at the moment, I decided that I would take “run breaks” to switch up the muscle groups that I was using.  I was able to insert 20 minutes of run-walk-run into my long walk.  I went further and faster than I expected by doing this, and when I was finished I still felt fantastic.
  3. New Gear:  My Asics are really great and I am very happy with them.  The toe box is nice and roomy without being oversized, and there is plenty of arch support. My only complaint is that they feel a bit heavy, however that’s probably because they are trail shoes.  Perhaps I’ll go with something lighter for my next pair.  Next up in new gear – I need to invest in a couple heavy duty sports bras.
  4. I really crushed my long walk using the Galloway method, but my easy timed walk on Saturday was even better!  I spent 60 minutes on the treadmill and went 2.6 miles. I was exhausted afterwords and needed a nap, but at the same time really proud of myself.  That distance wasn’t on my training plan for another 4 weeks, so if I can repeat it feeling good next week I’ll adjust my training plan for being ahead of schedule.

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