Three Articles That Inspired Me In March

One of the things I want to make sure I do with this blog is to raise others up, to share the stories that inspire me and help me keep going on this journey.  Here are three great articles that I’ve recently read.   In one way or another they all inspired me to keep believing that running a Half Marathon is something I can actually do.

I Am Not A Jogger by John Bingham  – The Penguin himself, I never get tired of John’s words of wisdom when it comes to beginning a training program.  A dedicated back of the packer, John always reminds me that no matter how slow I go, I’m lapping everyone on the couch.

Anatomy of a Plus Size Athlete by Krista Henderson – Krista is a brand representative for Lane Bryant’s Livi Activewear, and her body is shaped just like mine!  What’s so inspiring about that?  She’s a TRIATHLETE!  Hot damn – she’s out there kicking ass like no ones business. Check out her website, Born to Reign Athletics.

Let’s Talk Running Shoes by Mirna Valerio – Mirna is an ultra runner who is making some real strides for plus sized athletes right now.  She’s even started writing for Women’s Running Magazine and I’m so thrilled to have her voice out there advocating for plus size runners.  This article she wrote about shoes really helped me out because we have the same size feet, and let me tell you, it’s not easy to find good running shoes in our size.


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