Bumps In The Road

I learned a hard, painful lesson today.  Just because I’ve been kicking ass on the treadmill for the past two weeks, it does not mean that I can do the same on the ground.  The two workouts are not equal, and I had no idea.

Today was a CRAP workout, there’s no other way to say it. I was supposed to do my “long walk” today, 1.75 miles and worrying about my pace.  However – as I drove to the trail I was already obsessing with my pace, so I decided I would walk outside. I figured that without the speedometer in front of my face it would be better.  I set off down the trail and maybe .25 miles in my calfs and shins got tight. I sat down for a minute and stretch them out, then I walk on, I repeat this scene two more times.  I just could NOT shake the pain and stiffness.  Alone on the path I was concerned, and anxiety started to kick in thinking about what I would do if the cramping got so bad I couldn’t stand.

At the .5 mile mark I abandoned my mileage plan and turned around because I felt like going further would result in an injury.  I don’t need an injury for any reason.  Hobbling back I took my time.  I stopped and stretched at the fence line, using it to balance and stretch out my shins.  I slowed way down each time my legs began to twinge, and finished my workout in disappointment.  It really sucked and has put a ton of doubt in my head.

My total mileage was 1.09 miles, which I think is probably the farthest I have gone on the ground since I broke my leg last year.  I made the walk in about 24 minutes, which with as much as I stopped and rested or stretched is just fine. It was just so different to the way I feel on the treadmill.  Sadly – the Princess Half Marathon is not run on a treadmill.  If I want to meet my goal I have to be able to walk outside on the road.   Today that goal seems pretty damn daunting.

All in all, I’m glad that I discovered this just 2 weeks in to my training.  I have the time to add some serious goals in outdoor work.  Never the less, my body is aching and I am a bit discouraged.



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