How Do I Measure Training Success?

I’ve been working out for a whole week and a half, but I’ve already experienced disappointment in myself with my physical abilities. The pace I can walk at is much slower than I expected I would be able to. That made me really stop and take pause about what I expectations are and how I should measure what is and isn’t a “good workout.”

I came up with 4 key measures that I can look at to see if my workout was “successful.”  I figure that even if I don’t meet all of my goals for a workout, if I can look at any of these points and see improvement I’m still moving forward in my training and doing well.


    – Did I improve my pace?  Am I getting closer to my pacing goal for the Princess Half Marathon?


    – Did I walk father than I have in previous workouts?  Am I gaining on my ability to walk 13.1 miles? Did I meet any of my distance mini goals?


    – Did I workout for a longer amount of time?  Is my body becoming more capable and comfortable with extended exercise? Have I expanded my endurance?


    – Did I recover more quickly?  Is it taking less time for me to bounce back after a training session. Was I able to complete the workout without triggering a fibromyalgia flare, or stressing my ankle?

It’s going to take an overall improvement in all of these measurements for me to succeed in reaching my goal, however some days I may do better at one over another, and that’s OK. As long as I stick it out and keep moving forward I’m good.


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